Monday, March 19, 2018

Horror Comics and Spider-Gwen short boxes by Kracalactaka

Made these a while back for my kids, who are naturally comic fans too. 1st up is a Magazine Size Short Box decoupaged in a variety of Horror Comics that I made for my son.

and next is a Decoupage Short Box I did for my daughter featuring Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man and Spider Woman and other Spidey Characters.


and stop by Comic Book Plus for this post's suggested reading:

Yarns of the Yellowstone by Bill Chapman from 1972.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Star Wars Lords of the Sith Comic Decoupage Short Box by Kracalactaka

It has been awhile since I had anything to post, but I finally got around to making a Star Wars Sith Lord Comic Decoupage Short Box for longtime customer, Nathan.

For this post's Comic Book Plus reading choice we are gonna keep it in the Sci-Fi realm and go with
Planet Comics #54, published by Fiction House in 1948.

Thanks for reading, Kracalactaka!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

CHARLTON COMICS GIVE YOU MORE! (Charlton Fools' Day 2017)

Well folks here we are a year later and we are doing it again. Last year's Charlton Fools' Day was a hit so why not do it again this year? There are more new scans than last year. Over 70 fresh scans of public domain Charlton books are on Comic Book Plus! Just go to the latest uploads section to see what is new. And also be sure to check out the Charlton section at CB+  to see all of their Charlton holdings.  Additionally the pre-1960s books are also hosted at Digital Comic Museum.

Over 70 new scans have been added to Comic Book Plus today. Most of the scanning done by my scanning colleague, Titansfan, with plenty from me and there is even a JVJ Collection book scanned by Soothsayr. Edits were contributed ably by a nonny moose, D Miles, CBpop & DaveH.  Here is a sample selection of what went up:

Masked Raider 5
Nurse Betsy Crane 22

Masked Raider 5 is an action packed western from the mid-1950s and Nurse Betsy Crane 22 is a medical romance/drama from the early 1960s

Crime & Justice 25
My Little Margie 22

Crime & Justice 25 is a post code crime comic and My Little Margie 22 is a late 1950s humor title similar to Archie Comics' Katy Keene.

Reptisaurus 3
Fightin' Marines 26 (JVJ)
 Reptisaurus 3 is an early 1960s sci-fi/monster monster title of the Godzilla ilk and Fightin' Marines 26 is your typical late 1950s war comic, in this case a 100 pager!

Fightin' Navy 112
Hot Rods & Racing Cars 71
 Fightin' Navy 112 is an early 1960s war comic and Hot Rods & Racing Cars 71 is a 1960s car comic that that I am fond of because it evokes good memories of playing with Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars in my youth, and then again later with my own kids.

Career Girl Romances 32
U.S. Air Force Comics 32

Elvis sighting! Yep that is Elvis on the cover of Career Girl Romances 32 from the mid-1960s (unfortunately he only appears on the cover) and from 1964 we have U.S. Air Force Comics 32

Feddy 45
Atomic Mouse 18

1964's Freddy 45 is a typical teen-humor comic that is an obvious knock-off of Archie and Atomic Mouse 18 is a mid-1950s Funny Animal/Superhero mash-up that definitely takes its cue from the more well known, Mighty Mouse.

Sweethearts 46
Gunmaster 84
Sweethearts 46 is your typical post-code late 1950s romance fare and the ridiculous Gunmaster 84 is a mid-1960s western offering that seems pretty much like Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson have been transported back in time to the Old West to be a gun toting Dynamic Duo.

And now for our feature presentations:

1st up is Law Breakers Suspense Stories #11 scanned by Fett who is the top scanner when it comes to 1950s Charlton books. This book is everything old Doc Wertham warned us about! Classic pre-code gory crime/horror with the infamous severed tongues cover! The entire book can be read HERE

Law Breakers Suspense Stories 11

Next up is an offering from Titansfan, who has become a prolific Charlton scanner himself. From the later part of Charlton's run we have 1981's Charlton Bullseye #1 featuring a team-up of Blue Beetle & The Question in their pre-DC days. There is even a robot shark!, so what's not to love?
Check out the book HERE

Charlton Bullseye 1

And our third main feature is from yers trooly with some able editing from CBpop. Space: 1999 #4 with art by John Byrne. This was one of my favorite shows as a kid. This book can be read HERE.
(And the rest of the series here. Thanks to CBpop for most of these!)

Space: 1999 4

And just because it is so darn much fun here some more Charlton offerings:

Dino 1
Flintstones 1
Yabba, Dabba, Doo! it's Dino #1 and Flintstones #1

Hong Kong Phooey 8
Speed Buggy 8
And more Hanna Barbera goodness with Hong Kong Phooey #8 and Speed Buggy #8

Outlaws of the West 76
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? 6

More western action with Outlaws of the West 76 and it is everyone's favorite crime fighting talking dog in Scooby-Doo, Where are You? #6

Haunted 9
Monster Hunters 8
For our horror fix we have Haunted #9 and Monster Hunters #8

Hi & Lois 1
Space Adventures 4
Comic strip family humor from Hi and Lois #1 and Sci-Fi adventure with Space Adventures #4