Friday, March 6, 2020

Custom Vintage Marvel Star Wars #3 Decoupage Comic Storage Short Box by Kracalactaka

This is a new short box decoupaged with an old beater cover-less copy of Marvel Star Wars #3 from 1977. There was not quite enough of the book to cover the whole box so I scanned the complete copy from my collection to get a cover image and another couple of pages worth of panels. This would be the perfect box for storing a complete run of vintage Marvel Star Wars comics. It will be going up on evilbay on March 6, 2020

This issue has the panels featuring the famous "TK-421, why aren't you at your post?" scene. And less important scenes like Artoo & Chewie playing "battle chess", Ben training Luke with the lightsaber, the destruction of Alderaan & rescuing Leia from the cell block. Lots of action and even after 40 years these Howard Chakin panels pop!

Note, March 11, 2020: Congrats to Derek in Wisconsin, who won this great item on ebay.

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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Vintage Kenner Star Wars Death Star Action Figure Playset!

Before I sold this on Evilbay I decided to take a set of "action" pics of my Death Star.  This Sold in less than 24hrs to a lucky gent in Burbank, CA  :) (figures were not included).

Action on all levels

Stormtroopers manning the laser cannon deck

Han fights the Dionaga trash monster


If only Luke had gotten busy with the light saber in the movie.


Obi-wan vs Vader

Deadpool attempts to recreate the rope swing scene, and fails.

Deadpool: "It looked easier in the movie"

custom Black vintage style stormtrooper

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Vintage Marvel Comics Decoupage Custom Art Portfolio/Case & "Red" Sonja Short Box by Kracalactaka!

So I found this old box at work that was used to transport some poster boards or some such a few years back. I quickly assessed that my son (a print maker & visual arts major in his senior year of college) could use it as a portfolio for transporting his larger pieces. Naturally we decided it needed to be decoupaged. I went with some old beat up Marvel books, some of which did not even have covers.
A Thor, What If?, 2 Captain America & Falcon, a Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man, a Man-Thing, a Howard The Duck, a Power Man & Iron fist, a Luke Cage Hero for Hire and a Conan provided the fodder. I also added some embellishments to the front featuring other classic Marvel characters and teams. Everything was from the 1970's to early 1980's era (with one small exception).




back with strap in place
inside the front half

inside the back half
top edge

bottom edge

Next up is a red Red Sonja decoupage short box using black and white Frank Thorne era comics printed on red paper.