Sunday, June 26, 2016

Possible Final Entry, Kracalactaka Creations is shutting down for the Foreseeable future

I've lost desire and motivation, both on the comic decoupage and comic scanning fronts. So this could very well be my final post.

Without further ado, this Groo Comic Decoupage short box may well be the last one I make for a paying customer. 

Next is an Avengers Long Box I made a few weeks back for a customer who also bought  Detective Comics 27/Batman and Batman Adventures 12/Batgirl short boxes that I already had made.

And also from a few weeks back, A New 52 Batman Superman short box for a customer who has ordered from me a few times before.

And in what may be my last full issue/book scan for quite some time, Invisible Scarlet O'Neill vs The King of the Slums.  A Better/Big Little Book from 1946.

Kracalactaka out....

Monday, May 30, 2016

TMNT & Star Wars Boba Fett Comic Decoupage Short Boxes By Kracalactaka!

Douglas in Hawaii wanted a Ninja Turtle comic decoupage Short box so I got him squared away using TMNT Adventures #3 published by Archie Comics.

Next, another Star Wars themed box for Nathan in California, this time in Boba Fett:


This post's Comic Book Plus featured book is The Green Turtle Archive which is a compilation of The Green Turtle's appearances in Rural Home/Croydon's Blazing Comics issues 1-5, from 1944 & 1945.