Tuesday, December 6, 2016

DC Comics, Harley Quinn, Batman, Wonder Woman and Spawn Comic Decoupage Short Boxes by Kracalactaka!

1st up is a two comic decoupage short box order for repeat Etsy customers Peter & Pam consisting of Wonder Woman and Spawn short boxes.

Next up is an order for Etsy customer, Michael, who ordered a pair of Harley Quinn comic decoupage short boxes for his girlfriend. One done with the traditional Harley in her jester costume the other with more recent versions of Harley with some Deadpool and Poison Ivy mixed in.

And the last entry is a two box order for Kaitlynn who wanted 2 DC Comics themed boxes to give as gift, one Batman themed and the other with a more general DC theme.

For the Comic Book Plus read for this post I have selected Real Clue Crime Stories Vol5 #10, published by Hillman in 1950.  http://comicbookplus.com/?dlid=66300


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Recent Comic Decoupage Short & Long Boxes by Kracalactaka!

I got behind on posting, so this will be a brief "roll-up" of recent projects.

1st Up is a Comic decoupage long box I did for longtime customer, Gerard in NYC.

Next is a Batman 66 Comic Decoupage Short Box I did for Darren in Canada.

An Archie Comics Decoupage short box for Jared in New Jersey.

For Shirley in Michigan a Black Panther and Marvel/DC Super Heroes Comic Decoupage short box as a gift for a nephew.

For Joyce in Georgia Harley Quinn and The Killing Joke Comic decoupage short boxes as a gift for a couple who are big Harley and Joker fans.

Tamara in California ordered a Justice League comic decoupage short box as a gift for her boyfriend.

And for repeat customer Nathan, also in California, a Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire comic decoupage short box.

For This Post's Comic Book Plus Read:

Dell's Combat #2 (1962) scanned by yers trooly and edited by Dell4C