Monday, May 30, 2016

TMNT & Star Wars Boba Fett Comic Decoupage Short Boxes By Kracalactaka!

Douglas in Hawaii wanted a Ninja Turtle comic decoupage Short box so I got him squared away using TMNT Adventures #3 published by Archie Comics.

Next, another Star Wars themed box for Nathan in California, this time in Boba Fett:


This post's Comic Book Plus featured book is The Green Turtle Archive which is a compilation of The Green Turtle's appearances in Rural Home/Croydon's Blazing Comics issues 1-5, from 1944 & 1945. 


Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Flash #139 and Star Wars Legacy Comic Decoupage short boxes by Kracalactaka!

Repeat Etsy Customers Pam & Peter (who ordered an X-men Long Box from me last time)
 this time ordered a Flash #139 (1st appearance of Reverse Flash) comic decoupage short box this time. I've done a couple of these before so this is version 3.0

Next, another repeat etsy buyer, Nathan, just can't get enough Star Wars comics so this time he ordered a Star Wars Legacy Comic Decoupage Short Box featuring Darth Talon:


This post's Comic Book Plus featured comic is the horror classic, Harvey's Chamber of Chills #19 from 1953.