Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ghost Rider Comic Decoupage Short Box & CGC Size Marvels and Civil War boxes by Kracalactaka!

So Dereck in Pennsylvania ordered a Ghost Rider Comic Decoupage Short box (his 9th box from me!):

and Feliciano in California has ordered his 2nd & 3rd CGC Size Comic Decoupage Short Boxes from me, this time in Marvels and Civil War.

and with the leftover Civil War panels I decoupaged the lid of banker's box I use a lot, with a cut-out of Cap from an old Wizard magazine cover as the finishing touch.  KRACALACTAKA!

Captain America / Cilvil War bankers' box lid

The Comic Book Plus featured
comic for this post is Harvey's
Tomb of Terror #8 from 1953.

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