Thursday, March 23, 2017

Recent Comic Decoupage Short Boxes: Spider-Man, Daredevil, Cable, Star Wars & Green Lantern Blackest Night

Playing a little catch up here. Have not been doing very many comic decoupage short boxes the last 3 months as decoupage has taken a back seat to scanning vintage comics. But here we go:

1st up is a pair of short boxes done in Spider-Man & Daredevil Themes:

Daredevil (and Black Widow & Spider-Man) Comic Decoupage Short Box


Spider-Man (and Cloak & Dagger, Punisher and Black Cat) Comic Decoupage Short Box

Next Up is a Cable themed short box:

Cable Comic Decoupage Short Box

Next Up is a Star Wars themed short box with some extra emphasis given to Princess Leia:

Star Wars (Princess Leia) Comic Decoupage Short Box

And finally a Green Lantern/Blackest Night themed short box:

Green Lantern (and JLA & Titans) Blackest Night Comic Decoupage Short Box


For this post's Comic Book Plus scanned comic we have Exciting Comics 37 (featuring The Black Terror) from 1945