Monday, October 19, 2015

Marvel & DC Comic Decoupage In-boxes and other small but cool items

This post is going to focus on smaller decoupage projects that are not the larger comic storage boxes that I do so much of.

1st off, I Found a couple old wood in-boxes at the thrift store and gave them some pizzazz using some bits and pieces leftover from various DC & Marvel bronze age comic books.  (These sold right away at a local outdoor market that I set up at.)

Marvel Suoerheroes In-Box

DC Superheroes in-box

Next up is an old cigar box that I decoupaged in DC JLA comics, it would also make for a neat pencil or keepsake box.

JLA cigar/pencil/keepsake comic decoupage box

Next up is three-ring binder decoupaged in Giant Size X-Men #1 comics

Giant Size X-Men #1 three-ring binder

And finally a small potpourri / keepsake box decoupage in Silver Age romance comics.


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