Monday, December 14, 2015

Comic Decoupage Short Boxes Hulk #181, Action Comics #'s 1 &23, Harley Quinn, Walking Dead #1, Amazing Spider-Man #129

I ginned up production to get ready for the Jim & Dan Comic and Toy Show  this past Saturday.

Action Comics 1 / Superman CGC Size box

Walking Dead 1 Short box (SOLD)

Hulk 181 1st full Wolverine Short Box (SOLD)

Amazing Spider-Man 129 1st Punisher Short Box

Harley Quinn (2000 series, Dodson art) Short Box

 Kracalactaka Comic Decoupage Items that have sold recently at shows or on consignment:

Captain America #1 CGC Size Box (SOLD)
Suzie Comics #50 CGC Size Box (SOLD)

Spider-Man Magazine File (SOLD)
DC Comics Magazine File (SOLD)

Peanuts / Snoopy Table (SOLD)

1990's Catwoman Short Box (SOLD)
Planet Comics #43 Short Box (SOLD)

Flash 139 & Daredevil 181 Short Boxes (SOLD)

Marvel & DC Comic Decoupage In-Boxes (SOLD)

Scarlet Witch Short Box (SOLD)
Batman 66 Short Box (SOLD)

Lego Comics Table (SOLD)

DC Comics 3-Drawer chest

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