Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Star Wars #68 & Walking Dead Michonne Comic Decoupage Short Boxes & Marvel & DC Comics tables

1st up is a short box decoupaged in Walking Dead Comics with an emphasis on Michonne, with some Daryl in there too, my daughter's favorite characters (This box was for her TWD Comics).

Next up is a box for ebay customer, Rick, featuring Marvel Star Wars Issue #68, often referred to as "The Boba Fett Issue" because the cover art is a rip-off of a still from The Empire Strikes Back , but though Boba is referred to in this story, he ain't in it! Nope! That is Fenn Shysa and some other unnamed Mandos running around this issue.

And Now a couple of comic decoupage end/decorator tables done in DC & Marvel Comics respectively:



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