Sunday, March 20, 2016

HULK BUNNY SMASH! Comic Decoupage Hulk Easter Bunny & MAD LOVE! a Joker & Harley Quinn Short Box by Kracalactaka!

So I was at Target and saw this plain cardboard , ready to decorate rabbit the other day. Naturally I thought it should be decoupaged with comics. And what better way to say, "Easter Bunny" than with vintage Hulk & She-Hulk comics, right?  Right! BUNNY SMASH!

It was pointed out to me that perhaps I should have used Captain Carrot comics, but even though I have some readily available it just didn't occur to me. A Hulk bunny just appealed to me, though I almost went with The Flash.

And for the second half of our double feature, an Etsy customer ordered a Joker & Harley Quinn Comic decoupage short box showing examples of their turbulent (that's putting it nicely) relationship.


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