Saturday, November 12, 2016

Recent Comic Decoupage Short & Long Boxes by Kracalactaka!

I got behind on posting, so this will be a brief "roll-up" of recent projects.

1st Up is a Comic decoupage long box I did for longtime customer, Gerard in NYC.

Next is a Batman 66 Comic Decoupage Short Box I did for Darren in Canada.

An Archie Comics Decoupage short box for Jared in New Jersey.

For Shirley in Michigan a Black Panther and Marvel/DC Super Heroes Comic Decoupage short box as a gift for a nephew.

For Joyce in Georgia Harley Quinn and The Killing Joke Comic decoupage short boxes as a gift for a couple who are big Harley and Joker fans.

Tamara in California ordered a Justice League comic decoupage short box as a gift for her boyfriend.

And for repeat customer Nathan, also in California, a Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire comic decoupage short box.

For This Post's Comic Book Plus Read:

Dell's Combat #2 (1962) scanned by yers trooly and edited by Dell4C 


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