Monday, March 19, 2018

Horror Comics and Spider-Gwen short boxes by Kracalactaka

Made these a while back for my kids, who are naturally comic fans too. 1st up is a Magazine Size Short Box decoupaged in a variety of Horror Comics that I made for my son.

and next is a Decoupage Short Box I did for my daughter featuring Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man and Spider Woman and other Spidey Characters.


and stop by Comic Book Plus for this post's suggested reading:

Yarns of the Yellowstone by Bill Chapman from 1972.


  1. Please respond to “”... I want to buy a couple short boxes from please!!! “Hulk 181” & “ Action Comics 1”... please respond to “”

  2. I had seen a comic box you had done of Catwoman. I would be very interested in one. It's my wife's favorite character and yours looked amazing. please if you're able to do another. Thanks