Friday, November 27, 2015

Marvel Super-Heroes Spring Special #1: Moon Knight - Old Business

New feature here, comics! Yay! The focus will be .... well there really isn't one except that the comics I scan and post are ones that have not gotten much (or any) attention elsewhere.

1st up is Marvel Super Heroes Spring Special #1 published in 1990. It is an 80 page anthology of comic stories featuring several 2nd tier Marvel heroes. I will be posting 1 comic story at a time in the same order they are printed in the book until we are done with it.

The 1st story features Moon Knight and is called Old Business:

(right click on the thumbnails and open them in a new tab to view them at full size)

The rest of the features of this issue can be found here:   Moon Knight  Hercules
 Hellcat  Brother Voodoo  Speedball Magik Black Panther

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