Wednesday, November 4, 2015

SMASHING! The Incredible Hulk Comic Decoupage Toy Chest by Kracalactaka

A friend and co-worker of mine had seen some of my handiwork that I'd brought into the office. Then she told me about this old toy chest she'd had since she was a little girl. We'd talked about me decoupaging this childhood treasure for the better part of a year. Her favorite comic is the Hulk, particularly old school Silver & Bronze ages Hulk. So we finally got the project going.

1st up are some pics of the chest before I did my "magic" on it.

1st step was to remove the lid and then sand the old paint a bit so that new paint and decoupage would stick better.

Unlike other decoupage projects this one required some painting work too. 1st I had to find the right shade of "Hulk Green"

This is the underside of the lid. The plan being that the railing and interior be painted while the rest of piece was to be decoupaged.

It took a few coats to get complete coverage (this is 2 coats). After the paint was done I applied a few coats of liquid poly to help protect it from getting dinged.

The 1st part I decoupaged was this embellishment on the underside of the lid.

Then I did the top of the lid...

...and added an embellishment (I also call these "pop-outs" because of the way the letters or figures seem to "pop out" of the comics.

Back side

one end

Front side

other end

above and below: details around the handles

And now for the finished product:



The Comics used. Aside from the pop-outs and a few panels concerning beans & Batman, all the comics used were real vintage Hulk comics from the bargain/beater bins. The following books were used:

Marvel Super Heroes #75 (reprint of The Incredible Hulk #123)

The Incredible Hulk #230

The Incredible Hulk #284
The Incredible Hulk #293

Marvel Team-Up Annual #2

The Eternals #15


  1. Very cool piece. The finish on the chest of drawers has held up well after 4 years. I used a few layers of mod podge on top to create a thick clear coat finish and really protect the covers underneath.

  2. Thanks and congrats! You are my 1st commenter! I feel like you should get a prize or something