Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Another post from the Decoupage way-back machine

Still playing catch up. Here are some highlights from one of my early posts on ComicVine. the whole post can be seen HERE.

Black Widow-Hawkeye, Mystique & '90s X-men short boxes.
Decoupage Magazine Size Short Box

Black Widow & Avengers 118 short boxes
Blackest Night Long Box

Spawn Short Box
Afterlife with Archie Short Box

Superman-Justice League Table
Marvel-Hulk end Table
Star Wars Comics End Table
Black Widow end Table

Wonder Woman Magazine Holder
Comic decoupage lamp shades
Marvel Comics Decoupage In-Boxes

The Deadstool

Marvel / Thor Tables
Marvel Godzilla #23 Table (Godzilla vs The Avengers)

Here's some more highlights from an early Comicvine post that can be seen in its entirety HERE.

Spider-man / mockingbird Team-Up & Hulk 181 (1st full Wolverine appearance) Short Boxes
Alice Cooper & Afterlife with Archie #1 short boxes

Punisher Meets Archie Long Box
Marvel Comics decoupage Banker's File Box

A series of 4 short boxes that I did, all themed in an iconic cover pose that I believe everyone is familiar with:

Conan the Barbian #100
Uncanny X-Men #136
Crisis On Infinite Earths #7
Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #76

Action Comics 588 Superman, Hawkman & Hawkgirl Shadow War Short Box

Green Lantern Magazine Size Short Box

That's all for this post.  KRACALACTAKA!

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