Thursday, June 11, 2015

Presenting..... Kracalactaka's Comic Decoupage Projects

I am moving my comic decoupage blog from Comicvine to Blogspot to increase visibility.

My hobby is comic decoupaging things, usually storage boxes and small tables.

I sell my wares on both etsy and ebay.

For the 1st few posts I am going to do a roll-up of my previous posts on Comicvine

Catwoman & Batman Adventures 12: Batgirl Day One short boxes

 Kracalactaka's favorite comic decoupage projects

Bronze Age Table

Godzilla vs Avengers Table

Deadpool "deadstool" stool
Comic Decoupage spool table
Punisher & Spider-Man Short Box
Punisher meets Archie Short Box
Wonder Woman - Justice League Long Box
Women of Marvel Comics Decoupage In-Box
Comic Book Men Table
Hulk 181 & Aquaman Short Boxes
Lego Comics Table
Thor & Beta Ray Bill Comic decoupage Banker's box
Black Widow Short box
Spider-Man & Black Cat Short Box
Wonder Woman Short Box
Tomb of Dracula 10 (1st Blade) Short Box
Harley Quinn Long Box
Spider-Man, Marvel Tales Long Box
Deadpool "Deadspool" Spool Table
Batman (and the Joker) The Killing Joke short box

Exciting Comics-Black Terror short box

That's all for this post.


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