Friday, June 19, 2015

Storage Solutions: Comic Decoupage Style

So we all have "stuff". Some people have more stuff than others, but regardless of how much stuff you have, you have to store it somewhere. And just about everyone utilizes cardboard boxes of one sort or another. Copier paper boxes, Banker's Boxes, moving boxes, etc (And of course for your comics, Long & Short Boxes) But why put your stuff in plain, boring boxes when you can put you stuff in awesome looking comic decoupage boxes? also aside from the improved look of the box, decoupaging it with comics (and Sealing it with liquid poly) also makes the box stronger and to some degree water resistant. Here are some examples of work I have done on various types of boxes, besides the Long & Short Boxes.

Bankers Boxes:
Wonder Woman



Miss Masque, Godzilla, NFL SuperPro

DC's Starfire (1976)

Witch-blade, Wonder Woman, Strange Worlds

Vintage Toy ads
Supergirl Domino

Thor & Beta Ray Bill
Phantom Lady

Spider-Man & Black cat

Comic Ladies


Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)

Cardboard 3 drawer chests



Large Cardboard Chest (Toy Box)

Superman, She-Hulk, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Green Lantern

Wonder Woman, Avengers, GI Joe, X-men, Batman, The Flash, The Thing

Star Trek, Micronauts, Hulk, Spider-Man

Copier Paper Boxes


Daredevil Black Widow Shoebox

Batman Shoe (keepsake) Box

Women of Marvel  In-box / letter tray

Wonder Woman Magazine File Box

X-Men Mystique Comic Storage Short Box

Black Widow & Avengers Comic Storage Short Boxes

Hawkeye-Black Widow & X-Men Comic Storage Short Boxes

DC Blackest Night Comic Storage Long Box
a variety of comic decoupage long & short boxes
Walking Dead CGC size comic storage box


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