Friday, April 1, 2016

Its CHARLTON FOOLS' DAY! because...

 No fooling! What better way to celebrate April 1st than with Charlton Fools' Day!  Kracalactaka does more than just glue comics to things to make them look cool . I'm also a scanner at Comic Book Plus. Where our mission is to scan every public domain comic book we can get our hands on. This is a 100% all volunteer enterprise and it is actually quite stunning to see the thousands upon thousands of comics that have been uploaded. The server bills are funded via a wee bit of an ad banner and the donations of our readers. It is a lot of dedicated work by a relative handful of people that get all this done. I've only been doing it for several months, others have been doing it for many years and have racked up thousands of scans. Additionally we have scans of pulp magazines, mp3 downloads of old time superhero radio programs and videos of old movie theater serials & TV shows and more.

But I digress, today we are here to celebrate the comics monstrosity that was Charlton Comics.


Charlton books used to be things that I ignored at garage sales and comic shop bargain bins. But since I became involved with CB+  I have come to enthusiastically appreciate Charlton a lot. The sheer volume and variety of their output were really something to behold.  Yes, they were cheaply made and written, often being no more than cheap rip-offs of stuff by other publishers, but they also had many, many gems and most of the top talent in the industry passed through Charlton at one point or another.

Now to the good stuff:

1st PLEASE stop by Comic Book Plus' latest uploads section and check out the ginormous pile of fresh scans of pre-1968 Charlton books that me and the other intrepid scanners have cooked up. Just below this paragraph is a small sampling of the offerings. Also be sure to check out the Charlton section at CB+ to see all our Charlton scans.

 Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds 39           Peacemaker 6 (unpublished)                   Shadows from Beyond 50  

Love Diary 49                                         Confidential Diary 12                              Nurse Betsy Crane 19

Six-Gun Heroes 57                               Submarine Attack 51                                Hot Rod Racers 4 

I'm also being joined in this endeavor by Lloyd "The Groovy Agent" Smith over at Diversions of the Groovy Kind.  Ol' Groov hosts my favorite comics blog that is just chock full of Bronze Age comic goodness. Today Groov has a special Charlton edition for you. And be sure to browse his old posts for other Charlton delights. Groov has been no stranger to Charlton's wonders.

But wait! There's more! The Atomic Kommie himself, Britt Reid, who hosts a multitude of awesome comics blogs is celebrating Charlton Fools' day with us on Atomic Kommie Comics  and  Hero Histories.  Brit has also been no stranger  to the mind-altering delight that is Charlton over the years.

Additionally, I have more Charlton goodness posted on my old ComicVine blog :

Hercules 5                                                     Just Married 94                                       Creepy Things 2 

Hot Rods & Racing Cars 112                    Charlton Bullseye 4                                    Career Girl Romances 67

Soap Opera Romances 5                                   The Phantom 31                                 Career Girl Romances 66  

And you can see more Charlton here and here.  And if you are Romantically inclined be sure to check out Jacque Nodell's Sequential Crush, probably the best Romance Comic blog around.

And it is never too late to join a Charlton Party! So get on over to Rip Jagger's Dojo another very cool comics blog. And naturally he has imbibed in Charlton's wonders on more than one occasion.

Also, be sure to check out Mort Todd's, The Charlton Arrow, modern comics made in the Charlton style & tradition.

Last but not least, do be sure check out the blog where it is Charlton Fools' Day every day! Get on over to The Charlton Comics Reading Library.

Without further ado we get to the main attraction: A Double dose of Saturday Morning Cartoon goodness adapted to comics by those comic magicians at Charlton. Two of my favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon Shows Hong Kong Phooey (I wish I still had that lunch box) & Speed Buggy.

1st up is Hong Kong Phooey #4:

(to view the scanned pages at full size please "right click" on them and view them in a new tab)

I always loved his convert-able car. It's like the Batmobile, Bat-Plane & Bat-Boat, etc all in one

                                                                    Space: 1999, Oh yeah!

Well that was fun, I can't help but hear the HK Phooey show's theme song in my head every time I look at one of these comics.

Moving on we Go to Speed Buggy #1 from a show that copied the Scooby-Doo formula down to using what sounds to me like the same voice-actors, just replace the talking dog with a talking car. But darn if I didn't love it when I was a kid.

Makes you want eat a bowl of cereal (2 feet) in front of the TV huh?

More?  Well Okay we'll make it a Triple Feature. Get your picinic baskets ready for Yogi Bear #33

Well that's it for now, time to turn the TV off. Overall, I think Charlton did a great job with their Cartoon adaption comics. All three books capture the feel of the shows they are based on. 

And please remember to visit the links above.


  1. Delightful idea! Love Speed Buggy and Yogi is always A-1! Count on me to participate in Charlton Fools' Day over at Rip Jagger's Dojo.

    Rip Off

  2. Somebody is a big Hanna-Barbera (and Charlton) fan!
    (not that I'm complaining...)
    Thanks for organizing this blogathon for the incredibly under-rated Charlton Comics Group.