Monday, April 25, 2016

Comic Decoupage Constantine, Star Wars (Revan & KoTOR) & Deadpool Short Boxes & Dragonball Z end table

Recent Comic Decoupage Projects:

1st Up is a Constantine Hellblazer Comic Decoupage short box :

Next Up is a pair of Star Wars comic decoupage short boxes for an Etsy customer, One done in Revan images, the other in Knights of The Old Republic comcs:

Next Up is a Cable and Deadpool comic decoupage short box for long time customer Dereck (this is his 7th box from me):

And finally a comic decoupage end table for an etsy customer done in Dragon Ball Z comics:

For this post's Comic Book Plus reading comic I have chosen St. John's 1950 Golden Age Classic "It Rhymes with Lust" featuring superb art by legendary comic artist, Matt Baker, the 1st ever Graphic Novel:


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