Thursday, April 7, 2016

Comic Decoupage Short Boxes: Spawn(x2), Godzilla & Suzie Comics by Kraclactaka!

Well I hope you enjoyed Charlton Fools Day. This blog had a record number of hits, no doubt thanks to the key participation of my fellow bloggers at Diversions of The Groovy Kind, Atomic Kommie Comics, Rip Jagger's Dojo and Sequential Crush. You can count on more comic scan posts and "God willin' and the river don't rise" we'll do Charlton Fools Day again next year.

A new regular feature here though will a be link to a Golden or Silver Comic at Comic Book Plus with every post I make. So come for the comics and please stay for the decoupage. (or vice-versa)

Today's selection is ACG's My Romantic Adventures 106 , published in 1959 with cover and main story art by John Buscema, a recent scan by yours truly. Enjoy!

Now on to decoupage, 1st up is an order for five time customer, Dereck, in Pennsylvania. This time he wanted a short box decoupaged in Spawn Comics (I'm also working on Deadpool & Darkness boxes for him too, but that'll be a later post.).

Next is an order for Luis in California, a new customer from Storenvy, and he also wanted a Spawn box:

Sorry Luis, Creepy Things 2 is not included.
Double Spawn Short Box goodness!
Also from California, 1st time Etsy customer Noah, wanted a Marvel Comics Bronze Age Godzilla Short Box and I was all too happy to make it happen:

And finally is a GCG size short box decoupaged in printouts of Archie/MLJ's Golden Age Suzie Comics for Jason in Maine. Jason is probably the biggest Suzie Comics fan out there and easily has the highest graded collection of Suzie in the world. He has his own fan site dedicated to Suzie Comics and has collaborated with yours truly by generously providing scans of some of his collection of Laugh Comix, Suzie and Wilbur to help Comic Book Plus bring these rare gems to the public.

That's all for this post, Kracalactaka!

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