Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Digital Comic Museum 6th Anniversary Comic Decoupage Short Box Raffle Winners: Captain Rocket, Space Man/Sci-Fi & Blonde Phantom

As part of the DCM 6th Anniversary fundraising raffle, Kracalactaka donated three of his comic decoupage short boxes to the cause. The 3 winners: DCM members JimO, CBpop & StaqMalven, chose (respectively) Captain Rocket, Space Man / Science Fiction covers and The Blonde Phantom.

I had fun making these boxes for the winners, hopefully they'll keep their favorite comics in them and display them prominently.

For this post's featured Comic Book Plus comic I am posting one of the above issues, Captain Rocket #1. Captain Rocket was a one-shot published by P.L. Publishing in November, 1951. It can be read (free) on CB+ HERE.

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  1. Hi K!
    Thanks very much for donating three of your wonderful boxes to the DCM Raffle. It made our sixth anniversary that much more special. The boxes look super!